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 The author gives illustrated talks: 'Secrets of Sutton Hoo' and 'Writing Anglo-Saxon historical novels' to Clubs, Societies and Schools. A SCREENPLAY OF BRIGHTFIRE IS NOW AVAILABLE

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‘STORM FROST’ is based on Anglo-Saxon poems, apparently telling the earliest love-story in English. Here is love, lust, betrayal, courage and fear. It is the story of Niartha, outcast from her people, encountering hardship, abuse and loss in her search for her exiled lover. He is Eni Wulfgrim, brother of Raedwald who will become King of the Eastern Angles at Sutton Hoo, and who is also involved in the story. We meet Eadwacer, the king’s messenger –an increasingly sinister character.

Review: A brilliantly written love-story – I couldn’t put it down. The author takes you on a journey through love, deceit, exile and discovery, whilst maintaining the historical content, which is obviously accurately researched.

 A tightly-woven narrative is skilfully intertwined with factual information, giving a nice balance which leaves the reader wanting more. I was disappointed when it finished!

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‘BRIGHTFIRE’ is the sequel to ‘Storm Frost’, but this historical novel can also stand alone. Sub-titled ‘A Tale of Sutton Hoo’, it covers important events during and after the reign of Anglo-Saxon King Raedwald of Sutton Hoo, who was buried in his ship under a great mound. The story is set mostly in and around his homestead nearby, with some scenes set in Northumbria and elsewhere (see Background/Map). The period is 608-633 AD, when Christianity is struggling to take hold on the eastern side of Britain.

Saxon WomanReview: Having read ‘Storm Frost’, I could not wait for a sequel, and now it has arrived. What makes the book so exciting is that socially it is accurate and the tale of Anglo-Saxon rivalry and intrigue makes you want to read the book at one sitting. I was worried that it would not have all the action that I usually like in my books, but was completely wrong: it has everything. It is a GREAT read!

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Pauline M. Sabin Moore is a Sutton Hoo Society Guide for the National Trust at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. Renewing her acquaintance with the Anglo-Saxons (after studying Old English at University) she has reawakened her interest in Anglo-Saxon language, culture and customs  leading to the writing of these historical novels based in the land of the Wuffings in the 7th century AD.

Pauline gives a range of talks to clubs, societies and schools all over Suffolk and sometimes elsewhere.
Topics include:
* Secrets of Sutton Hoo: Discoveries Since 1938.
* Writing Anglo-Saxon historical novels.

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