Historical Novels  written by East Anglian Author Pauline Sabin Moore
Anglo Saxon fiction for lovers of historical novels


 The author gives illustrated talks: 'Secrets of Sutton Hoo' and 'Writing Anglo-Saxon historical novels' to Clubs, Societies and Schools. A SCREENPLAY OF BRIGHTFIRE IS NOW AVAILABLE



Map of England

Websites (see also Links)The Venerable Bede weapons   etc … for overview of site of the royal centre   (for Gildas in translation)   (Sutton Hoo Society)


Old English Poems

A Wife’s Lament; The Husband’s Message; Wulf and Eadwacer; The Wanderer; The Seafarer;

The Ruin; Deor; Widsith; Men’s Talents; Men’s Fortunes; The Panther; Riddles…all these are in the Exeter Book (written down in late C10th). Richard Hamer’s book (see reading list) is very useful if you do not read Old English: the original is on one page, a translation on the one facing.

Beowulf… available in various versions, including an especially good one by Seamus Heaney.

For additional Background reading please take a look at our reading list PDF.



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