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Brightfire New SmA Tale of Sutton Hoo and King Raedwald

A sequel to ‘Storm Frost’, yet this historical novel can stand alone. Sub-titled ‘A Tale of Sutton Hoo’, it covers important events during and after the reign of Anglo-Saxon King Raedwald of Sutton Hoo, who is buried in his ship, under a great mound, at his death. The story is set mostly in and around his homestead nearby, with some scenes set in Northumbria and elsewhere (see Map). The period is 608 – 633AD, when Christianity is struggling to take hold on the eastern side of Britain.

Niartha, the heroine of ‘Storm Frost’, remains a key character, and so does her son, Ricberht, now a goldsmith.

Eorpwald, Raedwald’s son, is hostile to Christians, jealous of other, successful young men (including Ricberht) 114and is a cruel bully in spite of his father’s attempts to master him during his lifetime. When King Raedwald dies, no-one can control Eorpwald. Even his own people are in danger.

We see fighting and feasting, rescue and rape, cruelty and kindness, laughter and grief in a story that rises to a strong climax.

This is historical fiction, but rooted in the little early Anglo-Saxon history we know, given by the Venerable Bede. Bede wrote his History (See Background/Reading) in 731, just over a century after Raedwald’s death and is only interested in him, because Raedwald helped the good King Edwin to claim his throne in Northumbria. SwordThe monk regards Raedwald as an apostate, turning his back on Christ but, at the Battle of the River Idle, the two kings wiped out the cruel, anti-Christian King Aethelfrith. Raedwald is now High King, and has brought peace to the eastern seaboard of Britain, from Kent to beyond Berwick on Tweed (See Background/Map). What Bede does not tell us is that Raedwald committed any sort of atrocities against the followers of the new religion. Bede also mentions that King Edwin insisted when he, in turn, becomes High King, that all his realms convert to Christianity, and that reference includes mention of Eorpwald.

So, just as reading the poetry lead to ‘Storm Frost’, reading Bede gave the historical background to ‘Brightfire’.

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Author’s pen name is P.M.Sabin Moore

‘Brightfire’  ISBN number is 978-1-4520-5609-8

‘Storm Frost’ ISBN number is 978-1-4389-5995-5

pub: AuthorHouse


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